About Us

Since 1985, Eastern Business Machines INC., has been the leading company that provides service in POS systems, ECR, and credit card systems for both local and national customers. We hold close relationships with major POS manufacturers, and software developers. Available both offline and online, Eastern Business Machines continues to grow with the changing technology in order to better serve you and your business. We are constantly innovating and developing new standards and practices to remain on the cutting edge of business systems. We have been here as a partner to businesses for over 30 years and will be here long into the future.



Our Mission

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is a key factor to our success. We continue to strive to provide the best service and optimal solutions to suit your business needs. Through our vast network of hardware and software providers we are not tied down to a single solution giving us the ability to truly provide a customized solution necessary to your business and only your business. We work closely with our customers and develop with our manufacturers to always be up to date and ready to serve your needs.